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The Top 10 Casino Games Played Worldwide

Playing casino games is popular worldwide with people not afraid of putting in their money and trying their luck and instinctive skills to double that money. Following are the top 10 casino games:

  • Poker: Beginners as well as professional love this fun game where two or more players play against each other; a very exciting and lucrative casino game.
  • Blackjack: This game requires more of luck and proper skill. If you understand this game well and have a proper strategy, your chances of winning are quite high.
  • Slots: The most preferred casino game among beginners as it is very simple and easy to understand and play. Totally dependent on luck, slot is a game which can excite anyone.
  • Roulette: When it comes to the oldest casino game, Roulette is the one. If you plan to play against the house, luck becomes an obvious factor. You can win big by playing this casino game.
  • Craps: The timing of dice rolling is very important with this game, and luck is the key too. Know the rules properly if you want to win in this game.
  • Baccarat: Beat the dealer with a properly planned strategy. It’s a simple and classic game where managing your bankroll should be carried out cleverly to win.
  • Video Poker: Here poker is played against a computer and difficulty level is low. Good for beginners.
  • Caribbean Stud: It is kind of similar to Video Poker, difference being the presence of other players but still competing with the dealer’s hand.
  • War: Recognizing the highest value card is the main objective of this game.
  • Keno: A type of lottery game where luck favors the brave.