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Russian game Fool how to play it?

Card games are mischievous and fun pastime. The Russian game Fool is one of the most widespread and familiar games from childhood. The first mention of the game dates back to the 18th century. The whole point of the game is to fool the opponent. It is characterized by the ability to create your own strategies and think over an action plan, calculate the probability of moves. The Internet game is convenient because the rules are clear, you can run it from a PC, phone or tablet. It is not resource-demanding, with beautiful graphics and the ability to play for real money. To enter the game with a real withdrawal of money, you must:

go through the registration process;

indicate your email address;

replenish your own deposit. The rules of the Russian Fool and how to play: 1. Deck: 36 cards, sometimes 52. 2. The number of players from 2 to 6 people. 3. Four suits, one of which is trump. 4. The loser is the one with the cards left. The cards are shuffled and laid out to the players in six pieces, the trump is highlighted. A trump card beats any card except the highest trump card. The first move belongs to the one who has the lowest trump card in the deal. The player with the right of the first move enters the opponent. If he doesn’t fight back, then he takes the card. The same principle applies to online casinos.

Card game fool

Today, it is one of the most popular online games. There are many options: simple, flip, transfer, Japanese, trumpet, circular, etc. Amateurs hold competitions and championships. It is useful to play a fool online: memory is trained when memorizing cards leaving the game. It is necessary to calculate combinations and anticipate the opponent’s reaction. The game develops attentiveness, logic. A strategy is being developed. The game makes you think. A great opportunity to train and hone your skills. You can play in demo mode or for real money. First, use the demo version. In the trial mode, you can explore the features of the game. 1. Develop your tactics that will bring victory and gain. 2. Choose the difficulty level. 3. Select the programmed character. Online card tournament – for collective play.

Tricks of playing the fool

It is necessary to use a few tricks in playing the fool, and develop a strategy for the game. 1. Memorize all cards leaving the game. 2. Paired cards. For the correct move, you must enter from paired cards, even if these are the smallest ones. It is advisable to collect several large cards by the end of the game. This will increase the chance of winning. 3. Fight back at the end of the game. 4. Play confidently, do not show your opponent your emotions. 5. The more players in the party, the more chances of winning. 6. Choose proven opponents, as you can get on the mother. Several games are enough to reveal the opponent’s style. As a rule, this is a combined strategy. You can break it and deprive your opponent of the opportunity to win.

How to learn to play the fool

The casino gaming hall offers many types of games to choose from. The most common of these is the Fool, which has nothing but a green background and a virtual deck. Available to play two, three or four. Choose a table with a suitable bet and join the game. For each victory, a rating and bonuses are added. Before starting the game, choose the version: * Throw-in. The incoming and other players can throw one or several cards of any suit, but of the same value. * Translatable. The player who is being moved can transfer his turn to the next one with a card of the same value. The essence of the game always remains unchanged – to get rid of all the cards by the end. Luck, practical skills and your own skill allow you to win and get a win.