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The more you know, the better you’ll play. Gambling smart requires research, practice, discipline (to stick to your pre-set limits, to bow out when necessary, to follow your strategic plan), and patience (with yourself and the time it will take to develop mastery over any particular game). By providing you with the best quality links, we hope the time you’ve saved can be spent on playing the games and trying out and refining the different strategies. Notice we currently only cover 7 games (blackjack, poker, craps, roulette, keno, pai gow poker and slots) and also, that we’ve listed a separate resource that specifically covers strategies for playing online.

Last, don’t forget to visit our Games section. In addition to providing rules, we also list the best places to play each game for free online or with download versions and without playing directly at an online casino . Note that you’re playing software and not real people.

Gambling advice – Learn how to be a winner first.

Gambling can be a form of entertainment if handled with the right attitude. A good approach is to aim to win but to also be prepared to lose – and lose only the amount you planned to risk on that day. In other words, you have to accept the fact that you cannot force a winning outcome and you cannot win every time.

There are many devised gambling systems or methods aimed at overcoming the odds to give you an edge and make you a winner, but don’t expect to systematically play your way to riches at the casinos. Apart from card counting at blackjack or applying the Martingale System with no maximum bet limit, all forms of gambling are conditioned by luck, and an astute gambler should make allowance for that.

The casinos have an in-built mathematical advantage on virtually every game and no mathematical betting system can overcome that. On the other hand, the player practically makes all the playing decisions including when to quit. How you make those decisions will determine how successful or otherwise you are.

The casinos are there to let you have a shot at their money and they will have a shot at yours too at the same time. Have a planned betting strategy. Discipline yourself too. Limit your losses and control your winnings. Stick to your planned bankroll limit if you lose and don’t be greedy if you win. Walk before you run. Rather than aiming to win a specific amount of money, learn how to be a winner first by a small margin – any small margin. Not easy.

But don’t despair. Help is at hand. This is the gambling site with lots of resources as well as helpful advice to help you succeed and frequent updates thanks to your helpful feedback. Stay tuned!

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